Gold Bead Bracelet, 5mm

Gold Bead Bracelet, 5mm


Yellow Gold
Rose Gold

This is Fine Jewelry. A Neutrals Inc. Best Seller!

14k Gold Smooth 5mm Bead Bracelet.

Yellow or Rose Gold.

This is what sets us apart...14K Gold all the way through. We do not use string or stretch cord that can wear down and stretch over time. We use medium weight beads to prevent dents and scratches. This detail is important because most retailers use lightweight beads that are less expensive, but are softer and dent more easily. We also use a sturdy rolo link chain to string our beads.

Made to be worn every day! Sweat, shower, sleep, repeat. We recommend wearing our smooth beads on your non-dominant hand to avoid continuous direct contact with hard surfaces. If you are someone who is tough on jewelry, we recommend our Diamond Cut bead bracelets, our Mirror Ball bead bracelets, and our Tiny Bead Bracelets; those are all basically indestructible.

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